Associate Professor Amnat Yousukh, M.D. Dean of Faculty
Acting Vice President for Student Development and Special Affairs

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F or the past decade Thailand has gone through cycles of domestic political turmoil that reflect shifts in power due to our growing middle-class, our more matured understanding of power and politics, the transition to a newly industrialized economy, and the evolution of key institutions that play significant roles in the country’s governance system. Externally, Thailand faces both opportunities and threats as the world continues to globalize at a most rapid pace. Key phenomena include the integration of the ASEAN Economic Community, the democratization process and opening up of Myanmar, the growth of China and India, and the issues of ethnic and religious conflicts in parts of Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Where is Thailand heading? In what aspects can Thailand play a leading role in this region and beyond? What kind of political and governing system will Thailand have in the near future? The heart and soul of this faculty is to educate graduates at the bachelor and master levels to seek answers to these questions. To do so, we strive to produce top quality research work that will help shape Thailand’s political and governance landscape in the years to come. This year we focus on citizenship, anti-corruption policies, public participation, transparency, and digital government.

Our faculty believes in a balanced educational approach that gives students adequate training in the art and science of politics, administration and international affairs. Students enjoy interactive classroom time that focus on the use of up-to-date IT tools. Furthermore they have ample opportunities for internships, co-operative experiences in top companies and organizations in Thailand and beyond. They may also experience semester-long exchanges with our partner institutes overseas. Lastly, we have produced over 7,000 alumni, many of whom have held top positions in the Thai public and private sectors; these graduates make up a strong network of top leaders and managers in the country.

We celebrated our 10th anniversary last year and feel proud to have come this far. We are looking forward to the next decade with excitement and hope. We shall continue to be at the forefront of change and make Thailand a better place for all.